University of Pristina starts Visegad+ project

University of Pristina

Kosovska Mitroivca

received the Visegrad+ project entitled “Improving STEM Teaching Process using Digital Transformation (DigSTEM)”.

Project coordinator: University of Pristina in Kosovska Mitroivca
Partners: University of Zilina, Universum College, Lublin University of Technology, Obuda University


What are goals?

The general goal of the project is to improve the application of digital technologies in the educational process of higher education institutions (HEIs) in Western Balkan through the exchange of experiences between HEIs from Western Balkan and the Visegrad region. The project will refer to teaching processes in subjects covering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


How do we plan?

Partner institutions from the V4 region will host trainings for HEIs staff from Western Balkan where they will introduce them their experiences in the application of digital technologies and transformation in the teaching and administrative process.

Joint webinar:
Webinars will be held online in which teaching and non-teaching staff (administrative-technical staff) of HEIs and students will participate. HEIs will present their potential in the application of digital transformation in the educational process of STEM.

Partner institutions will prepare a publication (electronic and print form) that will contain basic guidelines and recommendations for the implementation and realization of teaching in the field of STEM using modern technologies and digital transformation. Recommendations and guidelines will refer to online and face-to-face teaching, as well as the implementation of good practices. The coordinating institution will host the meeting for the preparation and editing of the publication.

Promotion of project activities:
The promotion of project activities will be realized through the creation of a website, social networks and direct events at HEIs.


  1. Margarita Avatar

    I am very much interested in your project connected to VISEGAD+ PROJECT (Improving STEM Teaching Process using Digital Transformation (DigSTEM)) and I wonder where can I find Grand application that You have submitted to the Visegad+.
    I would appreciate your help.
    Thank You,
    Regards Margarita

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